Our Response to Internal Board Email Sent to Staff

To the Board of Directors of New York Road Runners Inc.,  We are writing to thank you for your internal statement to staff on Friday, September 5, 2020. Like you, we are also committed to supporting our colleagues in making NYRR an organization that inspires confidence and trust. One that others can look up to. Continue reading “Our Response to Internal Board Email Sent to Staff”

Letter to Our Colleagues

Dear Colleagues, We, current and former employees, are writing to inform you that we sent a letter with demands to the NYRR Board of Directors calling for the immediate removal of Michael Capiraso as president and CEO of NYRR. Like you, we are deeply concerned about the direction in which he is driving New YorkContinue reading “Letter to Our Colleagues”

Letter to the Board of Directors of New York Road Runners

To the Board of Directors of New York Road Runners, Inc.: Financial Mismanagement and Suspected Malfeasance There has been a high proportion of staff layoffs/furloughs even with publicly known assets which includes securing a PPP loan and insurance from cancelled events. There have also been sizable donations NYRR has made during this time. In addition,Continue reading “Letter to the Board of Directors of New York Road Runners”

Letter to the Running Community

Dear Running Community: Your passion, exhilaration, and support of running, community, and team NYRR is why we show up to work each and every day. Your inspiration, enthusiasm, and triumphs at our finish lines are some of our best moments working here. We have always cheered you on. We are appealing for your support. InspiredContinue reading “Letter to the Running Community”