Our Response to Internal Board Email Sent to Staff

To the Board of Directors of New York Road Runners Inc., 

We are writing to thank you for your internal statement to staff on Friday, September 5, 2020. Like you, we are also committed to supporting our colleagues in making NYRR an organization that inspires confidence and trust. One that others can look up to. 

We aim to continue our work and advocacy to rebuild NYRR to make it a safer, diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization, recognizing that the concerns we’ve raised should be acknowledged in order for this to occur. 

We are respectfully writing to let you know this can only be facilitated through collaborative and formalized commitments. In an effort to do this we would like to specifically address the following: 

  • There are no communicated timelines or specific goals surrounding Diversity Equity and Inclusion work, either internally or externally.
  • There has not been acknowledgement of our ask for an external, pay equity audit and the need for amendments to HR policies and practices.
  • There has not been communication on how the concerns we’ve outlined in our demands/reforms will be addressed, if at all.
  • There is no communication or clear understanding on how leadership will be held accountable for these changes. 

We ask that these items be addressed to all staff in an internal email. 


3 thoughts on “Our Response to Internal Board Email Sent to Staff

  1. As a former employee who worked under Fred Lebow and Allan Steinfeld I can say with absolute certainty that racism did not exist. However, I was there when it began. It was on a small scale but the beginnings were clear. I hope you’re successful in turning things around.


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