Letter to the Running Community

Dear Running Community:

Your passion, exhilaration, and support of running, community, and team NYRR is why we show up to work each and every day. Your inspiration, enthusiasm, and triumphs at our finish lines are some of our best moments working here. We have always cheered you on.

We are appealing for your support. Inspired by friends and counterparts at other organizations working to dismantle institutional racism and oppression, a coalition of current and former employees at NYRR call for the immediate resignation of Michael Capiraso, the president and CEO. We are also calling for the Board to commit to the implementation of policies that will level the playing field for all employees, especially those representing marginalized communities. For years, we have been experiencing racism, bias, and bullying that goes unchecked. We want to create a healthy, equitable, and safe environment for ourselves and for our community. We have been pushing for fairness and cultural competency for years only to have it fall on deaf ears. 

We see, hear, and feel the frustration of our Black and brown running community. We are afraid our Black and brown running community has given up on NYRR while we are still fighting for change. We need you now more than ever. We need you to help us take action to create an equitable work environment that allows us to innovate, support, and lead in this sport and soon enough celebrate with you at our finish lines.

Our desire is to rebuild NYRR so that it’s truly a place we all feel welcome- staff and community alike. We are fighting not just for fairness and equality for ourselves but for our running community. For you to have a leader in endurance sports that is authentic in its passion and inclusion. A leader that exemplifies 21st century New York values. A leader that would make Ted Corbitt very proud of the foundation they left. A leader that understands sport as an equalizer. A leader that engages and empowers from a place of authenticity and not from public relations.

We are deeply saddened that in 2020 this is where we are. But we are hopeful that together as a community and as a team we can make lasting change for the better. Thank you for inspiring us through your resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment. We are here to #RebuildNYRR for all of us!

Concerned Current and Former NYRR Staff

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Running Community

  1. I suggested that at least in February every race start with a vocal Lift Every Voice so people could hear the words. The suggestion fell on deaf ears.


  2. Most of your stories are people who possibly went through something undesirable and just happen to be black or female. Quit making this about race or gender and start making it about the general issues that exist, regardless of demographics. You’ll get more support.


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